In the Flow with Selena Tan

Getting into the flow is not just for athletes – in fact, it is for anyone and everyone. You can clearly tell when someone is in the zone, and it is all
the more apparent when they are centre stage and performing at their peak.

Selena Tan, a local artist, is someone who needs no introduction. This experienced stage performer shares with us her recipe for flow.


Please let us know what you’re up to now and what’s in store for 2016.



Our last show for 2015 is Crazy Christmas – A GroundNutCracker. For 2016 we have a brand new comedy duo coming up called Meenah & Cheenah, starting Siti Khalijah and Judee Tan. Then Broadway Beng celebrates his 10th anniversary. And Happy Ever Laughter comes back in October.

Tell us about your favourite performers and what about them thrills you.

My Dim Sum Dollies are my favourite performers right now. Pam and Denise have wonderful work ethics. They are perfectionists, they put in the time and they both have a great sense of humour. Emma Yong was also an amazing performer with great insight and intelligence, and very much a perfectionist.

You’ve been in the entertainment industry for some time now. In your opinion, what are some of the attributes of a successful performer?

Optimism, hard work and someone who uses their head and their heart.

You clearly thrive in the spotlight. What gets you into the zone on stage?

Connecting with my fellow performers and the audience. The energy that the audience gives keeps me going. It is very immediate and intoxicating, but all of this only really comes about when something is well researched and well rehearsed. There is nothing worse than going in unprepared.

Do you have any routines or actions that you take to prepare for a performance?

The rehearsal process is very important. We need to rehearse until it all becomes muscle memory. Anything that needs correcting needs to be done at the rehearsal stage. When the time just before a performance comes along, it’s all about relaxation. Being in a relaxed zone is what enables me not to tense my muscles and tighten my vocal chords. Of course, there is a warm-up period when I get my blood pumping before going on stage, but never to the point that I am not relaxed.

Everyone has bad days in the ���office’. How do you work through one of those days on stage?

I pray and meditate about the work that I am about to do. I recommit the show to God and then I remind myself that the audience have given their time and hard-earned money and that they are there to enjoy the show for the first time, so I must give them my best. Being in a bad mood is not an option.

Your work as a writer and performer is clearly a creative endeavour. What’s the secret to your creativity and how can one nurture creativity?

That’s a tough one. I can’t really define creativity. I do what I like to do. I enjoy the process and creative ideas come from all around me, as well as from within. Sometimes it is a quiet voice and sometimes it’s friends and family talking or having a good time that sparks something. I try not to be dismissive and give every spark of an idea a chance.

Thank you so much for your time. Before we wrap up, what advice would you give the younger generation about joining your industry?

Work hard. Do not be discouraged. Be prepared at all times, even if it seems like opportunities are not coming your way. Trust me, when opportunity comes, it is in a flash.


Thank you for your insights, Selena. On behalf of EP, we wish you and Dream Academy another great year! For the latest information on shows by Dream Academy, check them out at


We believe that flow can be cultivated anywhere and everywhere. With that in mind, we will be exploring the flow experience in different environments and
applications. Stay tuned and get excited!


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