Support your team in achieving their fullest 

potential through enhancing 

psychological safety

As major shifts of the workforce continues, balancing between striving revenue targets and taking a people centric approach when managing organisations has became ever more important,

Our Team Development Programme offers you a data based approach to bring the best out of your leaders, people and teams.

About This Programme

The value of high performing teams has long been recognised by leaders, but such teams can be tough to find and even tougher to build.

With distributed leadership models and the increased need for collaboration across diverse and dispersed team members, identifying the strategic steps to develop these high performing teams remains a key leadership challenge.

Based on the Spotlight Psychometric Framework, this programme enables leaders and teams to measure current team performance levels, identify strategic development and growth areas, then re-assess and adapt over time.

Key Takeaways From This Programme

Increase awareness of self and team member’s preferences, blind-spots and strengths

Enhance collaboration, resilience and focus on collective outcomes

Identify steps to raise psychological safety in the team and resolve difficult issues

Capture and benchmark current team performance levels

Clarify and focus on strategic development and growth opportunities for the team and members

Based on the science of performance psychology, we uses a powerful and intuitive profiling tool to determine,

Team mindset & behaviours

Team and individual blindspots

Best ways to empower your people

How to improve relationships

To support your people in reaching their full potentials, building high performance teams that,

Our Team Effectiveness Consulting have brought these successes,

Based on results from the Spotlight profiling tool, EP have delivered individual briefing and executive coaching bringing encouraging results for one of our clients.

Overall Team Satisfaction

↑ 75%

Improvement on team’s relationship, in terms of bonding and connectedness

Workforce Stability

↑ 143%

Improvement on clarity, focus, accountability, co-ordination and communication.

Support Within Team

↑ 63%

Improvement on people-focused culture, balance, values, fairness, relationships.

Work Processes

↑ 111%

Improvement on team decision making, information efficiency and consistency and structure.

Psychological Safety

↑ 31%

Improvement on team’s training, error-management, reliability, up-skilling and re-skilling opportunities.

Your organisation can enjoy these successes too!

Our Happy Clients!

Emerge Performance has an essential contribution to make in the space. The Spotlight Profile isparticularly important as we experience transition in so many sectors – change will demand adeeper understanding of self and team performance and how it can be improved. The SpotlightProfile does that!

Ewan McEwan


The Spotlight Profile training was an illuminating one on both a personal and professional level.Its applications are many, including improving personal understanding and performance as wellas improving team dynamics and relationships. The facilitation and delivery style was fun,engaging, and relaxed and I always felt comfortable and encouraged to ask questions andparticipate. For those working with teams, coaching, or in the Learning & Development space,definitely worth considering adding this to your toolbox.

Tessa Char


I love that the spotlight is easy to comprehend and apply. That it provides many aspects ofempowerment for individuals besides what or who they are. Han Ee is patient and sincere, anawesome facilitator.

Alesxis Lim

Want to invest in your people and team to bring the best out of them?

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