We move the needle by building a future-ready culture embodied by Mindful Leaders, Resilient Employees and Agile Teams.   

To thrive in our ever-evolving world, we believe organisations need to develop a future-ready culture at work. When this is in place, teams are well positioned to navigate challenges, innovate and sustain excellence

As a human capital & corporate wellness consultancy, our frameworks, training solutions and diagnostic capabilities are based on proven application principles of peak performance, sport psychology and mindfulness. We offer end-to-end targeted interventions across all our solutions.

Over the years, we have helped individuals and companies globally, including clients in the Financial, eCommerce, Luxury Retail, Pharma, Startup, and the Military sectors. 

We can help you get future-ready, too.

What We Offer

Team Development
Program (TDP)

With the ambiguous and dynamic business landscape, organisations require greater levels of collaboration, adaptability, inclusiveness and resilience to shift from common collective dysfunctions to high performance teams. Our Team Development Program is designed to create an environment for teams to flourish through a number of hands-on interactive activities to increase the awareness of self and team member's preferences, blind-spots and strengths.

The Effective Leader

The Effective Leader helps leadership teams develop key skills to lead in today’s disruptive and rapidly changing business environment. This program focuses to elevate and align management and communication capabilities of the leadership team in order to uphold operational excellence. Learn to create a common language, process and culture for leaders to take their teams to the next level.

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The Show (with Han Ee & David) is an episodic podcast where our hosts invite a guest to have candid, unscripted conversations around future readiness, leadership, and human performance. Hosted by Han Ee Lim, Human Capital Consultant at Emerge Performance and David Anthony Dávila, Leadership Educator & Executive Coach at Leaping Koi. Listen to our featured episode with guest Rosemary Phan, Certified Design Thinking Facilitator.

Our Team


I wish to credit the facilitator, Ming Hui, who created a conducive and non-threatening environment while, at the same time, was able to encourage participants to allow the learnings of the course to percolate through their individual experiences. This was particularly important because it was a group experiential learning process.

Gerard Tan

Retired Global Executive of Fortune 500 MNC

The Spotlight Profile training was an illuminating one on both a personal and professional level. Its applications are many, including improving personal understanding and performance as well as improving team dynamics and relationships. The facilitation and delivery style was fun, engaging, and relaxed and I always felt comfortable and encouraged to ask questions and participate. For those working with teams, coaching, or in the Learning & Development space, definitely worth considering adding this to your toolbox.

Tessa Charupatanapongse

Co-Founder, Mindterra

My stress level significantly went down within 8 weeks and I am now in a much better place than where I was when i started! Thank you for helping me discover another way of living even though circumstances may not have changed!

Annie Yam

Brand Director, Singapore

Our Clients