Unlocking Full Potential

Building mindful leaders, resilient employees and high-performing teams using best practices from the fields of sport and performance psychology.
Unleash your inner champion to raise your game at work and in life - amidst relentless change, within uncertainty and under intense pressure


Tapping into this inner champion involves fully engaging our heart, mind and body with the present moment. This is where we perform at full potential, or being in the flow, and it is underpinned by 3 critical pathways.

  • Cultivating a mindfulness discipline.
  • Adopting a lifelong pursuit of mastery through action-learning.
  • Keeping on top of VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) situations by staying attuned and agile.

We call this the MindFlow™operating system (O.S.) – an inside-out and integrated approach that feeds your motivation towards excellence, sharpens your focus under pressure, strengthens your roots and fortifies your composure to thrive under adversity.

What We Offer

Executive Coaching (Individual/Group)

Many of our clients are high-flying executives looking for a competitive advantage. Some are looking for tools to better manage challenging workplace situations, such as conflict and decision-making under pressure. Others seek a sounding board to help gain clarity.

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Corporate Training

We design and deliver a comprehensive and integrated pipeline of training programs on mindful leadership, cultivating resilience and a high performance culture. Our programs are research-based, experiential and designed to deliver measurable impact. We also offer bespoke programs that target specific business needs, such as executive coaching, psychometric assessment, and strategy. Click below for an overview.

Psychometric Profiling

We use SpotlightPROFILE®, to help leaders and teams better understand behavioural styles and mindsets. This enables individuals and teams develop greater adaptability, leading to enhanced performance under different conditions. This profile can be delivered as a standalone or as a complement to a workshop, coaching session or leadership development program. We also offer accreditation courses to equip and certify individuals as Spotlight practitioners.

Mindfulness Public Programs

Whether you are a complete beginner looking to dip your toe into the practice of mindfulness or a seasoned meditator looking to deepen your discipline in a supportive community, we have something for everyone. Join us if you can.

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Our Team


Han worked closely with me when I was stationed in Singapore as the US Defence Attache. Han was a consummate professional who understood the intricacies of international relations and diplomacy, at both the strategic and tactical level. Having shadowed leaders at the highest echelon and being a leader himself in the navy, Han is well-poised as an executive coach in leadership development.

Alan Oshirak

Chairman, Oshirak Group of Companies

Han is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. His passion for peak performance is very obvious and he helped our team achieve many of the goals set forth! He was always punctual at each step of the process and helped us create a vision and mission statement that our team lived by throughout the season. I highly recommend working with Han.

Quincy Quek

Asian Tour Pro

(MBSR) is an amazing course! Even though I am familiar with the concepts of mindfulness, Han Ee made it come alive for me. There were many insights that I gained through the practice and Han Ee explained & reinforced those concepts by linking it to our practice. Perhaps the best thing I can say about this course is that I learnt a very wonderful concept of taking care of myself and gained an awareness of my mind-body sensations and emotions.

S.H. Quah


Our Clients