Excellence Takes a Group Effort

Want to know a secret? The most successful people almost always have loads of support to help them get to the top of their game.

Students who ace their A levels, high-flying entrepreneurs and elite athletes all have their own skills and talents. Yet without a supportive team to back
them up, they would not be able to achieve nearly as much.

Why? Because excellence takes a group effort. So whatever goals you are striving for, you can improve your chances of achieving them by building up a team
around you.

A boost of learning, guidance and self-confidence

Success in anything – whether it’s your studies, artistic pursuits, sports or career – is a marathon, not a sprint. There will always be ups, downs and detours, and you need people who can help you navigate this journey .

One of the most obvious ways that others can help is with learning. If you want to build a website or become a top badminton player, you can try to learn
the ropes and develop the necessary skills on your own. And yes, you may achieve your goals eventually through trial and error. On the other hand,
by turning to experienced individuals for assistance, you can learn from their expertise and avoid the costly mistakes that they have made before you.

You can also turn to others for guidance. Even the smartest people sometimes head in the wrong direction, but advice from a trusted friend or advisor can
help nudge you onto the right track. They won’t necessarily have ‘answers’ for you, but they can help you talk through a situation and come up with
ideas for the best path forward.

A team of supporters can also be invaluable when you find yourself struggling with self-doubt and uncertainty. Even the most successful among us can
hit a rough patch and question our abilities. When this occurs, it’s support from those who care about you that will help you to push through and
overcome challenges.

How to build your team

You may be wondering: where am I supposed to find these supporters? Chances are you already have a group of people around you who would love to help
you succeed, or are already doing so. If you’re having trouble spotting them, here are some tips on where to look.

  1. If you’re on a team of any kind, you probably have a coach. And regardless of whether you’re a high-performance footballer or a recreational chess
    player, your coach wants to help you succeed. In addition to helping you hone your competitive skills, a good coach can also help you build
    your resilience and mental performance.
  2. Similar to coaches, your teachers want to see you soar higher. While their primary focus is your academic performance, most teachers are also motivated
    to support your personal development. Bottom line: teachers are on your side and can help you if you’re struggling.
  3. A mentor is someone trusted and experienced who can provide you with guidance and support. While this can include coaches and teachers, you can
    also turn to others to be a mentor – for example, community leaders, older students, or even aunts, uncles and cousins. Where else can you
    find a mentor? You can start by checking whether your school has a mentorship program, or looking into national organisations such as Singapore Youth Corps and Care Singapore.
  4. It’s great to have friends with whom you can goof around and have fun, but it’s even better when you find those special individuals whom you can
    count on through both good times and bad. When times are tough, your friends might not be able to do anything beyond listening to your troubles,
    but sometimes that’s all you need.
  5. It’s not uncommon for there to be tension between teenagers and their parents, but the latter almost always have your best interests at heart. Whatever goals you are striving for, they will be that much easier to achieve if you have supportive parents by your side.

A foundation of trust and communication

When you’re reaching for the stars, your team of supporters can lift you higher and help you in your quest. However, their assistance won’t be as effective
if they don’t know your destination or the obstacles you’re facing.

It takes a group effort to excel, and this effort is built on a foundation of trust and communication. Your team is warmed up and ready to play, but
it’s up to you to call them onto the field and tell them your game plan. Only then can you all work together towards the goal.

This article is part of Emerge Performance’s (Youth)Full Potential series, which encourages youths to expand their horizons, discover their potential and find happiness within.

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