3 Tips for Finding Your Inner Voice

Information is great, but you have probably realised that overwhelming information and choices can make it extremely difficult to make important decisions
– especially decisions that will undeniably change your life. So, how do you overcome the fear that comes with such decisions in order to make the
best choices and continue to enjoy life?

One way is to simply take the time to listen to yourself. Your voice has always been there, hidden in the depths of your inner ocean. So the key is to
not look outwards, but instead to search inside yourself. And that means spending time with yourself. Finding your inner voice can be the difference
between making a decision you will come to regret and the choice that will change your life for the better.

The question then is: how do you truly become attuned to yourself? What can you do to find your inner voice in order to make the best, most professional
decisions? Below are some techniques that you can use to really get to know yourself and therefore determine your best course of action.

1. One way is to make a list of people, places and hobbies that you enjoy. What are things you enjoy doing on your days off or in the mornings/evenings
when you don’t have work? What types of people do you enjoy doing these activities with? Who are people you look up to in life? Write these things
down as a form of brainstorming and then group them in any way possible. These can be real people, fictional people, people you know personally or
even famous people whom you admire, such as actors, writers or entrepreneurs. Look for categories, patterns or anything else interesting that catches
your eye.

2. A second tip to finding your inner self, or inner voice, is to discover specifically what it is that you like so much about the people, places
and hobbies that you enjoy. Maybe the people you enjoy spending time with are easy to be around. Perhaps they are comical, trustworthy or loyal. Find
the qualities that resonate with you and then think about how they and the people who make you the happiest can factor into the options before you.
On the other hand, perhaps people are a less important factor for you than a particular place. Knowing what aspects of a location you enjoy can help
when it comes to making big decisions about things like moving or relocating for a job. The objective here is to think about how these different elements
of your life make you think or feel. What triggers you and evokes a response? What is the real plot? Allow the narrative to flow as part of this self-reflection

3. A third strategy is to meditate. Many believe that meditation means sitting cross-legged humming to yourself, but the reality is that meditating
simply means paying attention to your thoughts, emotions and inner voice – a process that can give you a huge insight into your true desires. The first
step is to dedicate some quiet time. Consider having an audio recorder with you to take notes without having to write. Take deep and slow breaths.
Calm yourself as much as possible and then watch what happens in your mindscape. Over time, patterns emerge, and ultimately so will your inner voice.
These are usually our truest and most honest opinions and feelings. In some ways, it’s like opening the tap and noticing the flow of water. Approach
this experience with an open mind and curiosity. In this way, the true essence of the water will become clearer.

Implementing these techniques will take practice, but soon you will be more honest with yourself on a daily basis. With these techniques at your disposal,
you are sure to find yourself making choices that fit you, your personality and your needs. Ultimately, finding your inner voice is simply about being
your authentic self.

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