“I have a smiling, happy and confident kid after EP Camps. What more can a parent ask for? A child who looks forward to going to the camp is a sure good sign that it must be doing something right. And to have the child raving about what he learnt and applying the methods taught was even more wonderful. Money well spent. I did not have much expectations in the beginning. But to see the changes and to hear my kid recommend it to his cousins, it was all the more sweet. Thank you EP. I would recommend it to every kid, even those with no inclination towards sports.”

“The trainer was able to captivate our attention and deliver the subject with interesting learning objectives” Kumar

“Very interesting and fruitful. Able to provide very relevant examples.” Ang X.K.

“Han Ee is an excellent facilitator – knowing when to jump in and when to take a step back. To be able to squeeze a 5 day course into 4 days is commendable.”

“Han Ee has a wealth of knowledge and actively engaged the class. Personally, he has given me and my team good advice to improve on our facilitation process.”

“The facilitator is engaging and able to bring the group through the learning.”

“Great trainer! Experienced and engaging.”

“Han Ee did a very good job. He was able to bring all of us together in a short space of time.”

“I think this is a very good session. Helps us to fresh our minds and see the big picture…Provided a fresh perspective… Good session with having the practice of mindfulness in class.” Nielsen Regional Business Leaders

“Han Ee is a knowledgeable trainer and shares his expertise with us. He shows great passion in sports psychology and has the interest of his clients at heart.”

“At first I was skeptical about working with Han Ee, as we had no mutual business contacts/referrals, but I’m glad I took the risk. Han Ee is extremely humble about his expertise, but he impressed our Regional Leadership team in the 3 hours we allocated to him to talk to us about mindfulness. It was
a success to me because of 2 simple things: He was able to embed the importance of mindfulness within my leadership team and he gave practical tools to get us started. We are now investing more time to understand and spread mindfulness within our organization. I genuinely would like to work with
Han Ee on future projects. Thank you.”

The course was well delivered in that it was engaging, interesting and interactive. Han Ee also makes an effort to tailor his classes and the advice given to the questions raised by the attendees. This makes the lessons learnt very applicable and relevant.

Bonus points for the humour injected into the delivery of the content too, there was never a dull moment. Double bonus points for the way he engaged the class. It felt like we were speaking to a peer or a friend who understood the issues at hand rather than as someone who is there to just deliver
content ad verbatim like some trainer do.

I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to understand how to manage themselves for better performance – be it for personal or work matters.


Han Ee

“The facilitator uses various examples to help us understand the course materials and engaged us well during the class.”

“Fun & engaging session by the facilitator. Very professional.”

“Keep up the excellent teaching!”

“Han Ee is very good in passing his knowledge to us and he is committed to teaching.”

“Engage well with the participants thru gaming! Great job!”

Han Ee

Good sound program, well mastered. It is not easy but it works!

LeBlanc, C., Headhunter