“Han worked extensively with Men’s & Women’s Golf and Tennis teams. He provided group presentations and individual consultations for performance coaching. I would extend a glowing recommendation to anyone who may have the opportunity to work with him in the future. Thank you”

“Han Ee is highly motivated and deeply committed to his work to help his athletes get better. He constantly reviews the status quo in order to improve the performance envelope. Han also embodies the symbiotic traits of confidence and humility; he is constantly looking for opportunities to improve.
His cultural background from Asia and the military is, in my experience, an asset, as they deepen his life experience. Relevant background information includes the team’s success this year: we earned 11 NCAA “B” cuts in our first year as a Division 2 program, and jumped up four places in our Conference Championship standings from one year ago. I attribute much of our mental preparedness and ability to perform at a championship level to Han’s work with the team. I give Han my full recommendation”

“Han is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. His passion for peak performance is very obvious and he helped our team achieve many of the goals set forth! He was always punctual at each step of the process and helped us create a vision and mission statement that our team lived by throughout the season. I highly recommend working with Han.”

“Even though Han Ee had a short few days to work with me before the Singapore Open, his advise on the mental game was sound and effective in helping me perform well at such a big event. Truly inspiring.”

“I really enjoyed working with Han Ee. He was able to help me focus more mentally and perform at a higher level.”

“The quality of work that Han did for our team was amazing. Not only did he mentally prepare us for our competition but also kept us inspired every day.”

“Anyone who wishes to enjoy and play better golf, should make time to attend this workshop (Golf Mind Power – GMP workshop series) by Han Ee.”

“Han Ee has done a good job in guiding us to see key concepts of sports psychology and provided applicable examples we can use in our work and personal life.”

“Han Ee is an amazing performance coach! I went to him barely a month before my Gobi Desert challenge and he was able to offer insightful yet practical strategies which enabled me to overcome my pre-race mental stress. I still remember his 3C plan – Centredness, Conservation & Consistency!
He really helped mentally prepare me for a 250km race across the Gobi desert. I would recommend him to any new or seasoned multi-stage race competitor.”