“The quality of work that Han did for our team was amazing. Not only did he mentally prepare us for our competition but also kept us inspired every day.”

“Anyone who wishes to enjoy and play better golf, should make time to attend this workshop (Golf Mind Power – GMP workshop series) by Han Ee.”

“Han Ee has done a good job in guiding us to see key concepts of sports psychology and provided applicable examples we can use in our work and personal life.”

“Han Ee is an amazing performance coach! I went to him barely a month before my Gobi Desert challenge and he was able to offer insightful yet practical strategies which enabled me to overcome my pre-race mental stress. I still remember his 3C plan – Centredness, Conservation & Consistency!
He really helped mentally prepare me for a 250km race across the Gobi desert. I would recommend him to any new or seasoned multi-stage race competitor.”

“This training programme was a new and different experience for me as we don’t really get too deep into the sciences for skateboarding as it is a more skills-based sport. But I am glad to report that thanks to the training given by my amazing trainer, Han Ee, I am able to better focus, calm myself down and reach peak performance in my skateboarding!”

“I consider Han Ee and his team to be professional and knowledgeable about issues concerning applied sports psychology. The students benefitted from the workshops as they found it to be engaging and simple enough for their understanding. I would have no problem recommending Emerge Performance to others.”

“Han Ee is a very competent and engaging trainer who was able to sustain our interest to a very high level and imparted to us a very good learning experience!”
Lye, V.

“Han Ee was able to break down and “simplify” this complex topic on Resilience. Now it is more relevant and connected to what I am doing and going to do.”
Heng, G.

“Must attend course! Excellent facilitator.” Png, A.

“Mr Lim was able to motivate the class and the pace of lessons and activities were just right. Well done!” Chua, J.

“A very engaging 2 days indeed. Trainer was infectious and led the way for purposeful participation.” Ng, R.

“Han Ee is a highly effective facilitator with boundless energy! He encourages a high level of participation and attentiveness.” Ong, T.

“Enjoyed the 2-day programme, Han Ee is a good facilitator who is able to deliver the content and engage the participants at the same time.” Lim E.L.

“Course was fun with good energy. It was conducted very well. Facilitator was very keen to instil knowledge. THANK YOU!” Rai A.

“Mr Lim Han Ee was very engaging/superb; job well done!” Kaur H.

“Trainer effectively reinforced the techniques in a candid and activities-based approach. Well articulated and easy to apply in a working environment.”

“Engaging and entertaining. Very well done” Dominic

“The facilitator was awesome!” Singh S.

“Activities allow me to understanding learning objectives better.” Tang L.L.

“I invited Team EP to do a 2-day workshop with the 60 Top Indonesian Junior Masters in Oct 14. It turned out to be the highlight of the whole event. Han Ee has a unique way to approach Sport Psychology. He makes the learning experience fun and interesting for the kids. I have sent several kids to EP Camps since then and I see the improvement already. They all are looking forward to coming back.”

“Having my son participate in EP Camps in Singapore has definitely been one of the best decisions. Brendan was fortunate to attend an EP workshop in Jakarta and loved every moment of it. As a photographer for the event, I sat in and was fully entertained myself. Learned lots about how our mind works when we are nervous and relaxed. I wished there was such camps for me to attend when I was growing up! Great stuff you have there Han Ee!! Looking forward to have Brendan attend more EP Camps!”