The course is structured in a progressive manner and it really helps to deepen the practises and help me better learn and relate. I love the combination of using Sound, breathe, thoughts, emotions and body scan to help anchor myself to the present moment.

Thanks Ming Hui for your patience. You are fantastic!

Emerge Performance has an essential contribution to make in the space. The Spotlight Profile is particularly important as we experience transition in so many sectors – change will demand a deeper understanding of self and team performance and how it can be improved. The Spotlight Profile does that!

Spotlights is very useful, practical and immediately applicable tool. It gives insights to thinking and behaving preferences which most other tools don’t. The report provides practical suggestions on how an individual can be effective and also create an environment that makes him/her thrive.

The Spotlight Profile training was an illuminating one on both a personal and professional level. Its applications are many, including improving personal understanding and performance as well as improving team dynamics and relationships. The facilitation and delivery style was fun, engaging, and relaxed and I always felt comfortable and encouraged to ask questions and participate. For those working with teams, coaching, or in the Learning & Development space, definitely worth considering adding this to your toolbox.

“I wish to credit the facilitator, Ming Hui, who created a conducive and non-threatening environment while, at the same time, was able to encourage participants to allow the learnings of the course to percolate through their individual experiences. This was particularly important because it was a group experiential learning process.”

Han worked closely with me when I was stationed in Singapore as the US Defence Attache.Han was a consumate professional who understood the intricacies of international relations and diplomacy, at both the strategic and tactical level. Having shadowed leaders at the highest echelon and being a leade himself in navy, Han is well-poised as an executive coach in leadership development.

“Having personally mentored Han, it is my pleasure to recommend him as a peak performance coach. Integrating his diverse background in the military, sport psychology and competitive experience, he offers a powerful brand of coaching to executives, athletes and performers. He is multi-lingual, cross-culturally adept, able to quickly establish rapport and truly connect with clients, and will add much to our profession.”

“Han went ‘above and beyond’ all of my expectations as he worked with me to prepare the latest update and release of The Skill Kit for Leaders Program:”One-Stop Shop” for Human Capital Development. He is wonderful to work with, exhibits creativity, business savvy, and excellent follow-through with all aspects of his work with me.”

“Han consistently brought a tremendous attitude and openness to our team. Despite having to adapt to a very diverse group of individuals and issues, each member of our team that Han worked with was open to discussing their most pressing challenges with Han (both athletic and personal). Han is a great listener and gives tremendous guidance. His background, character and discipline naturally encouraged our players to be proactive which added to the productivity of our team. I recommend Han with my highest regards.”

“Han Ee Lim was instrumental in the success of our Men’s tennis team. Han was able to adapt to being thrown into the season at a time when our team was struggling and was able to work with our players both on the court and off in a really constructive manner. Han was very organized and professional.
He always acted with great character and was a valuable member or our coaching staff while at USF. Thank you Han!”