What Is Spotlight?

Spotlight is a unique personality profiling tool, designed with adaptability, performance, and development at its heart. As a solution to some of the challenges experienced when using personality profiling, which include typing, fixedness, and a one-off self awareness experience, SpotlightPROFILE® has been designed to help individuals to develop their adaptability and get the most out of their strengths.


How We Use Spotlight

Drawing from know-how in high performance sports, Emerge Performance incorporated the Spotlight Methodology to help middle and senior management as an adaptability framework for cultivating the five building blocks of resilience. With stronger resilience, one can then better adapt, collaborate and ultimately perform under pressure at work.



You should take this accreditation program if,

Spotlight has been rigorously validated, using cutting edge Bayesian analytics.

Spotlight is based on a combination of two of the Big 5 personality models (the most researched personality theories) & Gray’s Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory.

Personality Adaptability is inherent within Spotlight, a concept which underpins the skills and attributes of Emotional Intelligence.

Want to get a glimpse of it?

We all have areas of our character that are strengths and weaknesses, and there is no single best ‘type’ of personality. How useful a certain ‘mindset’ or ‘behavioural style’ is to us in any given moment ultimately depends on the context we find ourselves in. Having the ability to adapt how we think or behave, depending on the situation we are in, allows us to stay focused on a goal but adjust how we go about achieving it in a more effective way.

Spotlight helps you to identify and get the most out of your natural mindset and behavioural style preferences, and provides two intuitive frameworks to help you develop your adaptability.


The COPE and FLEX frameworks help individuals to consider how they might get the most out of their strengths by considering situations from different perspectives. To truly thrive in an ever-changing world we need to be skilled at adopting the mindset and behavioural style that is most appropriate for the situation we are in.



Spotlight originated from the world of elite sport and is the only profiling tool that captures both behavioural style and mindset, helping individuals and teams to really understand one another and what truly drives our behaviour.

Spotlight firmly embodies the philosophy of adaptability and movement, recognising that people are multi-faceted, acting and behaving in different ways in different contexts.


As a result of focusing on ‘movement’, we avoid the potential pitfalls of labelling or stereotyping behaviours, instead recognising whilst it’s interesting where you are, it’s fascinating where you can get to.

Learn more about SpotlightPROFILE through our interactive byte-sized module

Spotlight Accreditation Courses

For individuals who want to bring the power of Spotlight to their clients.

Develop an understanding of the Spotlight philosophy, the practical skills, the underpinning theory and research, and how to apply it. We run regular accreditation courses to equip Spotlight practitioners to harness the power of this framework to help bring the best out of individuals, teams or organizations.

Team Development Programme

Build adaptability, collaboration, resilience & psychological safety within your team.

Taking place physically, our team development days are delivered with a sense of playful curiosity, as a member of the team guides you through a number of hands-on, interactive activities to help generate a sense of exploration throughout the day.

Interested in how Spotlight can support your organization?

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