In today’s disruptive and rapidly changing business environment, The Leadership Spotlight programme helps leaders develop key skills to manage change and lead teams effectively. Through this program, you will learn how to build trust and communication with your team members to inspire action and achieve better impact.

Learn to create a common language, process and culture for you to take your teams to the next level.

Building effective leaders to manage current challenges in a dynamic business landscape

The Leadership Spotlight program addresses the following key challenges for new and emerging leaders:

  • Managing challenges and dynamics in remote working 
  • Managing teamwork and achieving organisational results
  • Improving workplace environment and retaining talent
  • Developing high-levels of trust with employees

Anchored by Spotlight, a unique personality profiling tool, designed to help individuals to develop their adaptability and get the most out of their strengths.

Emerge Performance is proudly partnered with Mindflick to exclusively offer Spotlight in Asia.

Leaders will come away with…

  • Increased personal awareness and understanding how their mindset and behaviours impact others
  • Techniques to maintain resilience while manoeuvring through uncertainty 
  • Tools and techniques to provide effective feedback to colleagues
  • Practical skills to lead virtual and hybrid teams through collaborative practices

The Leadership Spotlight Programme
can be delivered to leadership teams of 15 to 20 people. 

  • A SpotlightPROFILE for each member of your leadership team
  • Delivery of 2 Days Language of Performance workshop
    For leaders to recognise their leadership style and build self-awareness
    Enable leaders to understand the impact of their behaviours on their team members
  • Access to 5 Management Development eLearning modules 
    Providing fundamental and practical knowledge of trust building, communication and conflict management (includes frameworks, tools and techniques)
  • Delivery of 2 Days Management Developement workshop
    Strengthen application of the frameworks, tools and techniques through case studies and role-plays

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