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Here at Emerge Performance, we use diagnostics to connect the dots. Our psychometric tools are supported by robust psychological research and developed by highly experienced professionals from the realm of business and high performance to enhance your organisational decisions.

The common business challenges we work with include:

  • What are the leadership competencies required of people managers?
  • How do you gauge and benchmark team performance?
  • How do you improve the efficiency & effectiveness of your talent identification program?

Spotlight is the premier profiling tool we use here at Emerge Performance – a simple yet powerful profiling tool developed with performance in mind.

What is Spotlight?

Spotlight is a unique personality profiling tool, designed with adaptability, performance, and development at its heart. As a solution to some of the challenges experienced when using personality profiling, which include typing, fixedness, and a one-off self awareness experience, SpotlightPROFILE® has been designed to help individuals to develop their adaptability and get the most out of their strengths.

How We Use Spotlight

Drawing from know-how in high performance sports, Emerge Performance incorporated the Spotlight Methodology to help middle and senior management as an adaptability framework for cultivating the five building blocks of resilience. With stronger resilience, one can then better adapt, collaborate and ultimately perform under pressure at work.

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