Foong Kok Pun, Executive Coach and Facilitator

Kok Pun is an organisational consultant, coach, facilitator and teacher committed to helping problem-solving (reactive) teams/organisations transform into (generative) learning teams/organisations. 

Schooled on Peter Senge’s “5 disciplines of Learning Organisation – Personal Mastery, Mental Models, Shared Vision, Team Learning and Systems Thinking” directly by Dr. Daniel Kim, co-founder of the MIT Center for Organizational and a founding trustee of the Society for Organizational Learning. 

Kok Pun has vast working experience in military organisation and training institution.He helps organisations develop the capabilities of a learning organisation by supporting them in visualising and articulating a compelling picture of the future that they truly care about.  He also assists his clients in developing skills to have honest and generative conversations about their current reality, and support them in learning the conceptual skills needed to understand and manage effectively with complexity.


  • Masters of Science in Education (Instructional Systems Technology) from Indiana University Bloomington, United States. 
  • Bachelor of Arts with Diploma in Physical Education, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University,
  • Graduate Diploma in Organisational Learning (Leadership and Organisational Development), Civil Service College, Singapore.
  • Specialist Diploma in Counselling Psychology, Academy of Certified Counsellors, Singapore.