In this era of the future of work, corporate learning has become an integral part of a company’s overall strategy.

What is Leadership Performance Academy (LPA)?

The Off-the-shelf LPA integrates our team’s vast expertise as seasoned trainers, coaches, and learning experts. 

The meticulously crafted training programs address common leadership and talent development obstacles that organisations face.

Crafted as a cutting-edge corporate academy, the LPA  is tailored to enhance and refine your employees’ skillsets, enabling them to be well-equipped for the challenges of the future.

We also offer tailored LPA offerings that  aligns training with the specific skillsets needed to drive your business forward. Our team of learning experts will partner with your internal subject matter experts to collaborate and develop comprehensive curriculums that directly relate to your organizational needs.

Who Should Go Through The LPA Journey?

basically, everyone in your organization!

Your talent pool

High potentials eligible for the leadership pipeline

Team leaders, first time managers

Senior executives, C-suite, board level

Emerge Performance's Approach to Learning

It’s learner-centric.
It’s business-centric.

It’s learner-centric. Which means learning modes are designed with these considerations:

  • 10% Formal training by cohort model and individual learning
  • 20% Social learning through internal discussion forms, mentoring and coach
  • 70% On-the-job application and on-time-on-demand feedback

It’s business-centric. Which means the training is designed with these considerations:

  • Achieving business strategies and goals
  • Integrating with learner’s personal development plan
  • To measure  performance
  • Re-designing roles to better suit personal goals and business needs.

What's the curriculum like?

We build our curriculum aligned to our three pillars – making up a future-ready team.

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Keep learning, there's always more to discover.

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