Innovation is about people.

There is no denying that we live in a world defined by technology. So how can we develop human capital to be agile in an increasingly disruptive business landscape, and be the innovators of change. Emerge Performance enables organisations to create a future-ready culture in order to deliver value and remain ahead of the competition.

How we help you develop Edgile individuals

We closely partner our clients to increase human capital with end-to-end L&D solutions. Develop your talent to handle ambiguity without losing focus and concentrate on outcomes. With us, it is simple to embed a growth mindset within your teams.

All this is done through our Edgile platform where you can learn, develop and retain talent. Our solutions enable companies to cohesively reach business objectives accessible anytime, any place. Time for your organisation to leap from being good to great. View a sample learning journey below.

Our Edgile Framework

New players and technologies are disrupting entire industries. Global markets have become increasingly volatile in recent years. The business environment is not only becoming more complex, but it is changing by the second. It is thus vital for companies to adapt to these new conditions. 

This is why we named our solution Edgile. We believe that agile organisations are adaptable to new conditions and have an edge over their competition. Our approach is primarily human-centric and data-driven, with the goal of creating sustainable solutions for you. With the Edgile Framework, we help you scope the business landscape, create alignment around measurable goals and ultimately chart employee performance against organisational objectives.


Every company is unique. This is why we work hand in hand with our clients to customise well-researched learning needs analysis and diagnostic tools to provide actionable guidance to help you determine effective development solutions that actually work for your teams.


Emerge Performance is skilled in solving critical business issues through curated learning content tailored to your needs. Guided by the dynamic needs of an evolving organisation, we structure various learning roadmaps based on the market’s best practices.


Our solutions blend live training, on-the-job training, coaching and e-learning all accessible through Edgile, our premier Learning Management System to develop talent, improve employee engagement and ultimately elevate business results.


Through active partnerships with our clients, we ensure your L&D KPI’s are met and tied back to business outcomes. By using data analytics to evaluate key metrics with tracking reports, your customised solutions will be on track to delivering insights that drive results.

Tools We Use

Our Learning Management System (LMS) enables us to deliver synchronous and asynchronous learning to your organisation seamlessly. Here are some tools we employ to curate the learning experience for your employees:

Human Capital Diagnostics

HR Analytics Benchmarking

Learning Needs Analysis

Psychometric Profiling

Blended Learning Roadmaps

Social Learning Tools

360 Feedback

Live Dashboarding

Case Studies

Pharmaceutical Industry

Our work in refocusing the new management team of a growing pharmaceutical firm to strengthen the work dynamics and cohesion among its regional leaders.

Education Industry

We worked with this early childhood care and education organisation to upskill their leaders in order to establish strong internal processes in the midst of a global expansion.

What would you like to create?

A future-ready culture at work begins with…

A Mindful Leader is:

  • Composed
  • Conscious
  • Compassionate

Areas we cover:

  • Personal mastery
  • Situational awareness
  • Bringing the best out of others
  • Stress management

Our Solution:

  • Mindful Leadership Programme


  • Improve employee engagement and team performance
  • Develop talent & optimize succession planning
  • Effective stakeholder management
  • Drive sustainable growth and progress DEI agenda
  • Composed decision-making

Resilient Employees are:

  • People who are able to thrive under pressure
  • Respond to change
  • Bounce back from setbacks
  • Growth Mindset

Areas we cover:

  • Self awareness
  • Employee engagement
  • Stress management


Our Solution:

  • The Resilient Employee Programme


  • Employees who are able to thrive under pressure
  • Respond to change
  • Bounce back from setbacks
  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence 
  • Lifelong learning and mastery of discipline

Agile Teams have:

  • Healthy levels of psychological safety
  • The ability to respond and adapt to internal and external changes
  • High levels of ownership & accountability
  • Clearly defined roles & responsibilities

Areas we cover:

  • Situational awareness
  • Embracing creative tension
  • High performance teamwork
  • Team cohesion 

Our Solution:

  • Spotlight Team Day


  • Psychologically Safe Environment
  • Clarity of roles & responsibilities
  • Harnessing Creative Tension
  • Accountability of Results 
  • Adaptability to workplace and external environment

Let us know what your organisational needs are