Medium Sized Firm
(Over 200 Employees)


Asia Pacific


15 Years

Emerge Performance refocused the new management team of a growing pharmaceutical firm to strengthen the work dynamics and cohesion among its regional leaders. This was deemed as a vital enabler for its overall goal of accelerating growth during the pandemic, when the majority of its workforce was working remotely.

The Company

After 15 years as a strong regional player, this Asia Pacific pharmaceutical firm was set on becoming a leading global company. At the start of the pandemic, it reached a key milestone through the acquisition of 10 products that would be rolled out to the international market. 

The Challenge

Faced with the challenge of bringing the newly-acquired products to market amid an unfavourable and uncertain economic climate, the management team knew it was  imperative to develop peak performing and agile teams.

Lack of clarity of roles
and responsibilities 

Absence of proactive support
within the team

Dysfunctional work

The Solution

In response to the challenge, a eight-month intervention was implemented.

This comprised an end-to-end programme that started with baseline diagnostics followed by team coaching activities and individual coaching. Following these sessions, a concluding round of diagnostics was conducted to evaluate the impact of the intervention.

Taking into consideration the  three areas of weaknesses identified by the management team, the programme was underpinned by the key theme of increasing psychological safety.

Research has shown that a psychologically safe environment is an important factor in boosting team performance. In turn, this will lead to increased ownership and accountability over results that support organisational growth.

Conducted over a period of over 6 months, the group went through individual psychometric evaluations that were debriefed by a team of curated coaches to identify each person’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as increase their self-awareness. This was combined with team performance diagnostics, benchmarking their team leadership against other high performing teams. The learning was captured through a 2 half day workshop focused on developing cohesion amongst team members.

For continuous and sustainable development, the leaders were supported by 6 Executive Coaching sessions. Each leader went through individual coaching sessions to address specific leadership needs. 

The entire intervention was conducted virtually, and concluded with a post-program team performance diagnostic, measuring the impact of the exercise.

Comparing data from the pre-program and post-program team performance diagnostics, it was found that overall, the psychological safety of the team has increased significantly.

Psychological Safety
in the team improved by 20%

Post the intervention, the overall scores of the team saw significant improvement, indicating increased psychological safety within the team. With increased self-awareness and better understanding of each other’s working styles, team members are now more willing to ask and provide proactive support, enhancing clarity and collective advancement towards organisational goals.

Particularly, there was significant improvement in three key areas:

Improved Business Processes
saw an increase of 20%

With better business processes and structures in place, team members now have more access to information they need, drastically improving decision making capabilities end enhancing efficiency

Proactive Support
from team increased 50%

When measured, team members were shown to have forged stronger relationships, resulting in greater ability to ask one another for help

Enhanced Stability
increased 50%

Team members now have improved clarity over roles and responsibilities, enabling them to better coordinate efforts to generate results as well as respond to changes in the competitive landscape more effectively

With continued and sustained efforts, the organisation is on-track to scale and achieve its core objectives.

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